I use the term “studio” loosely…

As a recently graduated, definitely in debt, artist I do not have a studio space. So, creating impromptu studio space around my one bedroom apartment is usually how I work. But, I believe having a work space that inspires you and creates minimal distraction is very important. For me that entails…

  1. being in the room my significant other is not.
  2. surrounding myself with materials, inspiration, anything I may need.
  3. making myself comfortable.

I am easily distracted by sounds, so something I usually do is turn off any tv, music, all that. I find that music and tv distract me from my process, I can’t think in depth about what I’m working on if I’m singing along with my favorite tunage. That said, I don’t work in a sensory deprivation chamber. I usually have pretty lights strung up, other art I’ve made, books, any visual inspiration totally surrounding me.

My work space this morning, notice my stack of book references, extra pens, extra birds, and of course coffee!