I have been experimenting a lot with eggs over the past few months. Dying them, embroidering them, emptying them, filling them, painting them, the list goes on…

I’ve recently tried painting them gold (pictured below) and filling them with things like lint, hair, wool – soft, nestlike stuff.

The three above I have painted in different ways and the two whole ones are filled. The gold paint still needs some layers, but I have really enjoyed the white/gold combo on these little guys. The insides add a weird something to each one, but I can’t tell if I like what it is doing or not… I’ll have to continue to play with them.

Goals: I’m hoping to create sculptures that are almost entirely eggs. I love the idea of eggs and nests and I’m really working and thinking about ideas focused on the delicate/protective thing that is happing with them.

Struggles: Eggs are generally difficult to work with because of how delicate they are. They can also have a tendency to be over used and overdone.


I also began working with ink and ink washes on the eggs (pictured below) and I have really been loving the black and white and the running that happens in the cracks and into the texture of the shell.

I enjoy how in emphasizes the breaks in the shell, showing how delicate they are while also highlighting the stone-like surface. I’m also just a fan of black and white, so. They look nice alongside the gold pieces and I’m hoping to work on some combos soon.

Struggles: Ink is so motherfuckin messy. I’m struggling to keep it in the locations I want it to stay in.

Overall, I’m really excited about what this project and this work could potentially be and to continue to work on it for awhile.

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