Mental Illness

I have been really embracing my drawings lately, as you can probably tell, and this is a new series I started on accident. I was talking to my best friend and she was telling me about how she had to explain her mental illness (anxiety and depression) to a neuro-typical person. I was so inspired by the way she described it, I needed to pair it with a drawing of her. I began to do this with other people in my life with mental illness, talking to them about it, drawing them and captioning it with what stood out most about what they said. This series is definitely in process, but I am so excited to see where it takes me and who it takes me to.

Only Constantly, Pen Drawing, 2018
It’s Hard to Think of Anything Else, Pen Drawing, 2018
I Don’t Know It’s Even There, Pen Drawing, 2018
You Think About It Constantly, Pen Drawing, 2018
Everyone Just Assumed, Pen Drawing, 2018

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