In Process!

“What I miss most” Pen, 2018
“Being alone” Pen, 2018
“We talked too long” Pen, 2018
“I hadn’t had someone” Pen, 2018
“I just wanted to talk” Pen, 2018
“You don’t remember” Pen, 2018
“It wasn’t home” Pen, 2018
“They told us” Pen, 2018
“I never thought” Pen, 2018
“He was never peaceful” Pen, 2018

This is a little drawing series that I have been working on. Currently still making, editing, etc., but I have been totally in love with them. I haven’t even begun to think about an artist statement to go with them yet, but basically they are gestural glimpses into moments in my life as I remember those places and those feelings. I am hoping to make so many more of these, they are extremely therapeutic and I am so happy with the results I have been getting.

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