Senior Exhibition 2016

Inner Hauntings

“We’re all of us haunted and haunting.” – Chuck Palahniuk , Lullaby

Real hauntings have nothing to do with ghosts, but have everything to do with memory and my fascination with people’s backgrounds and what makes them who they are is really what inspired this series titled Inner Hauntings. I have never had the desire to have more friends, but I constantly have the desire to get to know people, what happened in their lives, what are their anxieties and why. These five images include people I know; my mother, father, boyfriend, sister and myself and as I was photographing them I asked them what they regret, what their worst memory was, and to think about the ways those things affect them today. Inner Hauntings captures these silent obsessions of the past that intrude into the present.

Inspired by Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s use of such pure emotion and the mystification of banality, Inner Hauntings focuses on the universality of these personal disturbances of everyday life looking at average people in normal places who are experiencing a lapse between moments. With references to human feeling and mood of Romanticism as well as the monumentality and drama of the Baroque, these portraits immortalize our escape from linear time through remembrance and imagination. Every person in these portraits is somewhere else; they have left this moment behind them and are remembering some other time and some other place. You can see it in their eyes and how they hold themselves that they are numb to their surroundings, be it a dirty kitchen or a child’s room, time is nothing.

Inner Haunting #1
Inner Haunting #2
Inner Haunting #3
Inner Haunting #4
Inner Haunting #5

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